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As longtime beauty business veterans, so many friends were asking us questions along the lines of… what can I do about my jawline or is there a product that can help my eyelid sags or undereye bags or can you help my adult acne? Lorrie and I knew the real truth which is that the beauty business has done a disservice to women over 40. The fact is that anti-aging skincare is designed for anyone over 25, man or woman. It’s basically a one-size-fits-all world and apart from teen acne, brands simply don’t think about adult female hormone issues. To be fair, the biochemistry didn’t exist until quite recently to counteract what happens with estrogen (and other hormones) decline. We’ve been hard at work with amazing PhD partners and fantastic friends who have helped to test our formulations.
So, we set out to creating Hormone Defying skincare that works for women over 40.

40 is when hormone decline for women accelerates and causes all kinds of unexpected change. At 50 aka menopause, the you-know-what hits the fan. This situation is different than ongoing photo aging (which is caused by the sun), it’s what happens to the actual structure of skin, meaning what your skin does when it produces fewer and fewer skin molecules and proteins over time. Caire 1) infuses key molecules into skin where it counts, and 2) activates your own body to make more skin cells. Did you know that 99% of anti-aging skincare, most of which is nice feeling, lovely smelling and often has excellent ingredients, just sits on top of skin?
If actives don’t get down to where skin cells live, they fundamentally just can’t do much. Caire PhD formulated skincare gets right down in there. We’re excited about what we cheekily like to call Defiance Science because our original hormone-defying science is specifically focused on hormone decline and menopause related skin aging. We’re not the fountain of youth. Mainly because there’s no such thing. But our science does help those sags & bags that annoy everyone, the loss in skin firmness and definition, adult acne, thinning skin, brown spots and more.
Experience multiple benefits, both immediate and ongoing.

We’re here for you, we have more great hormone-defying science coming and hope that you will share your own stories about your personal success with caire beauty with us. And of course, if you have questions or ideas because we understand that we’re new and different, please write us. We’re starting a skincare movement and every individual conversation matters to us deeply. Remember, the ‘i’ in caire is for the individual in you!

We only make original, groundbreaking formulas … using only the most advanced natural biochemistry.
We strive to make self-care that is truly helpful … so we’ll listen to your life stories and care needs.
We put the ‘i’ in caire because we believe everyone deserves the best care … during every life moment, however big or small. Because we caire. THE

We are plant, tree & sea derived only … and won’t ever use phthalates, parabens, polyvinyls, polyethylenes, palmitates or the like.

99% of anti-aging product is built for use ON THE SKIN SURFACE.
Caire beauty is built to get to where skin cells live BENEATH THE SKIN SURFACE.
Caire makes Hormone Defying skincare for women 40+.


Our proprietary skincare science uses a next-generation a custom-created Triple Hyaluronic Acid Growth Factor Complex to help you look more like how you feel on the inside. Because this is what self-caire should be today.

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